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Ideas management in overview

What is a first class ideas management?

Successful ideas management addresses all employees of a company. If the employees are motivated to go through the company with open eyes and find or pass on approaches for improvement or innovations.

If these ideas are systematically collected and rapidly evaluated.

If the good ideas are implemented quickly.

If the employees experience esteem and feel fairly treated.

Only then will ideas management exist in the company.

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What does ideas management bring to the company?

A functioning and dynamic ideas management pays dividends. It develops savings potentials, and is at the same time an important factor to increase dedication, motivation and identification of the employees with the company.

Ideas are the basis for constant improvement of company management. A successful ideas management is profitable in many ways through the financial savings made, increases in productivity and saving labour.

An important “side effect” which is at least as positive as the financial savings, is the improvement of communication and the flow of information in the company. Ideas management is at the same time a valuable management tool and contributes to personnel development. It fulfils important functions for process optimisation and employee participation for quality management.

Also: The company rating is higher for companies which operate an active ideas management with evidence.

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Why ideas management software?

Ideas management can be very simple. A “letter box” for suggestions, passed on to appropriate positions through internal mail, follow-ups by telephone or e-mail, support through Excel - this is fine as long as the number of ideas remains in overview throughout the year.

But it can be better:

With an ideas management software ideas can be managed much quicker and more transparently. By automatically forwarding to the right position and memory function, the whole process of processing ideas can be significantly accelerated. Besides that, a good ideas management software generates convincing ratios, which the ideas manager can take over directly for reports. Besides that these ratios show possibilities to further optimise the current idea management process.

All of this leads to an enormous time saving for the ideas manager, who as a result has more time to promote ideas management in a more active and targeted manner. Since only an active ideas management ensures that good ideas for improvements from employees are not produced and implemented accidentally and are not subsumed by the daily hustle and bustle of the business. Just as production processes must be well planned in order to be efficient, improvements must also be systematically required, promoted and managed.

By using ideas management software, the processing and implementation times are significantly shortened. At the same time transparency for the employee, who can always follow the processing of his ideas, is higher, which motivates the employee to submit other ideas and also his colleagues to be involved, for example through jointly submitted ideas. With time, more employees are therefore encouraged to submit ideas which otherwise would not have been produced.

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This is offered by our trideo®5 ideas management software

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portrait Mattias Müller
Mattias Müller
Managing Partner and Founder
fon: +49 89 957 9817
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trideo®5 is a result of long construction collaboration between Brainstorm GmbH, Munich and trio-interactive it services GmbH in Mannheim.

Brainstorm GmbH was founded in 1991 by Matthias Müller as a company for ideas and innovation management. Today he is still your personal contact partner for all questions, advice and introduction of trideo and your collection of labour-saving proposals.

The trio-interactive it services gmbh develops individual software with web technologies and takes over development of trideo-Software as well as implementing your requests for individualisation.

Benefits of ideas management

Savings from suggestions for improvement

The average savings volumes achieved through an actively maintained ideas management amounted in 2013 to around 690 euros per employee. Average means the average of all industries which took part in the survey. Multiply the number of employees in your company by 690. If you do not achieve this amount with your ideas management, it is time to act.

More security at the workplace

Ideas management plays an important role in avoiding accidents or illnesses. If problems like danger spots or also excessive physical loads are recognised early, counter-measures can be taken in good time. It is proven that employees can also understand “risks”, also if they do not yet have a solution for them.

Higher participation rate

Fast results after submitting the ideas and the possibility to follow the idea’s process creates trust and leads to increased participation in ideas management.

Ideas can no longer be lost. Each participant sees the current status of the ideas submitted. The person submitting sees who is currently processing the idea. The expert can quickly ask questions of the person submitting.

The possibility to work out and submit an idea together with colleagues also serves to strengthen a feeling of togetherness and also to involve the ideas of those employees who perhaps would not have submitted ideas.

Strong staff cohesion

Stating ideas and improvements gives your employees access to a loudspeaker.

Whoever feels they are taken seriously and are recognised, whoever hears that they belong and his opinion is in demand, develops a strong “sense of belonging”. This leads above all to higher esteem for the employee.

Esteem also expresses itself through a fair evaluation and the speed with which the ideas submitted by the employee are accepted and processed. The expert is also supported in the analysis through clearly formulated evaluation and calculation criteria of a good ideas management system.

Faster implementation

Faster and more comfortable information exchange between the person submitting and all other participants such as superiors, to the expert, to the person implementing the idea, are all necessary in order to be able to quickly use the economic benefit of an improvement to the production processes. If implementation is contemporaneous, this is an additional motivator for employees to submit more ideas in the future.

Time and expenditure savings

The application of an efficient ideas management software has benefits for all of those involved in the ideas management process: for the person submitting, who can search for possible solutions for problems, to the expert who can have their questions answered quickly and have presentations to be able to process ideas with one click, to the ideas manager who receives many evaluations and analyses at the click of a button.

Distribution of bonuses

Equally important as the bonus for the person submitting the idea is the serious examination by superiors and experts of the employee’s ideas and the speedy realisation of enforceable ideas. Financial incentives for ideas with high savings potentials encourage employees to become more involved in ideas management

Process optimisation – improved work

The most important aims of ideas management 2013 were to make cost savings (81%), the improvement of internal processes (80%), the use of the knowledge and creativity of the employees (77%), as well as to increase employee satisfaction. Source: Dib Report 2013

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Use our free trideo trideo®5 test version and familiarise yourself with professional ideas management. You will not only see the principle of this solution, but also submit ideas and create expert reports. You can calculate or evaluate ideas and finally monitor the implementation and therefore test the intuitive user interface of trideo®5.

From the first quarter of 2015 you can also receive access to your own test version in which you can submit and process your real ideas for 30 days. Only you and all colleagues at your company have access to trideo®QuickStep.

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The trideo®5 demo

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trideo®5 Premium

The full version of ®5 guarantees you a fully adapted and individual workflow. To make use of an offer tailored to your company, we would like to present to you the performance of trideo®5, which will usually be in the form of a web presentation.

In doing so we will clarify with you details about the requirements of your company. Finally we can make you a concrete offer. If there is already a product requirements document for your requirements, or also if your requirements are being drawn up for the first time, please send this to us.

We can therefore also give you a first clue about the costs and time for adaptation and installation of our ideas management software to be expected. Please also request a consultation.

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